Violin Cases Cost
Hidersine Light Weight rucksack straps €65 now only €55!
Black with quilted cover (orange thread), straps €110.00
Black with plain Quilted cover, straps €185
Hiscox Violin case, straps €145
Hiscox Violin case with cover, straps €189
Green Leonardo Oblong with rounded ends, straps €199
Beige Pedi Case, Straps €255
Dark Green Pedi Case, Straps €375
Special! Leatherette covered slim-line case, single strap was €180 now €100
Lightweight shaped with cover, straps €45
Shaped with cover and straps €55
Shaped Viola case, Lightweight, straps €49.95
Hiscox Viola Oblong €159
Boston Oblong with cover and straps (brown) €150

Our ranges are constantly updated: please feel free to call in and look!

VIOLINS should always be tried in cases prior to purchase!