Recycling Policy


We are pretty obsessive about recycling!

There are three main ways in which Charlie Byrne's Recycles

         We do not buy bags.

Not even paper bags and certainly not plastic. When the levy on plastic bags came in we took a decision with the permission of the DOE not to sell plastic bags. Instead of then buying paper bags and replacing plastic bags with them, we looked instead at recycling bags. Yes, it's unorthodox; we don't have nice little bags with our logo or slogan on them. No, no corporate colours or advertising. Instead we gather together every bag, plastic or paper that friends, family and customers can give us and we recycle them!

Small bags, supermarket plastic bags, clothes shops bags, plain paper bags, we can use 'em all. Many of the paper bags people get from fashion shops and clothes stores and other places are strong and have at least a couple more reuses in them: instead of which they languish in the back of wardrobes, and more paper bags are produced, often unnecessarily. So our customers give their collection of useless bags to us and we recycle them out.

Yes we get the occasional strange look and some people think we are mad, but 99%of our clients respond happily and love to think they are getting a recycled bag or giving over a load of bags that otherwise are simply going to sit there.

So if you like the idea, and you have a collection of bags, leave them into Charles Byrne Musik Instrumente 21-22 Lower Stephen Street.

         We recycle all wrapping materials that come into the shop

We recycle all cardboard and paper packaging, either by re-using it to wrap our own mail order parcels or by leaving it out for the Corporation Cardboard and Recycling Collections. Often good strong cardboard boxes, for example, can be reused in the shop to hold stock or to protect an order that we are posting out ourselves. We get a lot of bubble wrap and Paper packaging and this is used to wrap bows; breakables from our novelties ranges; any delicate items. Paper, sometimes reams of it, is often used in packaging instruments for shipping, and we reuse every piece of it, wrapping parcels. Many of our mail order items will arrive with a label explaining that the wrapping is fully recycled materials. That's where they've come from, sometimes halfway round the world, and onto your packet of strings and two resins!

         We recycle all plastics used in our business

Through the recycling facilities of the corporation we recycle all our plastic and paper and light cardboard waste, as well as heavy cardboard. This includes plastic waste from our office not just from the retail and stock. So if anyone has a bottle of mineral water, they had better pop it into the recycle bag!

We also recommend and support Royal Oak products which are produced in an environmentally friendly and responsible way. See Royal Oak Strings and Resins in our shop! Or online under stings and resins.